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About Corey Kleinsasser

While attending Cal Poly Pomona in 2015, graduating with a BA in Journalism, Corey has been building and growing brands for years.He has been honing his writing and marketing skills for the past 10 years and has experience in various fields or marketing, including writing, journalism, email marketing, public relations, business development, and many more fields.

He enjoys working with up and coming and established businesses and collaborating with them to create and or improve their digital footprint with website improvements, social media consultation and direction, public relations, blogging, and more to increase and establish their presence online and within their community and niche.

Corey started his own music blog, Concert Crap while attending college and has amassed more than 373,000 lifetime website views and more than 50,000 social media followers cumulatively for the site for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, all without spending anything on advertisements.

He enjoys attending live concerts, playing video games, spending time with his two-year-old son, Helios, and improving his marketing skills in his free time.

Client Satisfaction Insights


Kyle Romero

"I had the privilege of working with Corey and my freelance design business. He gave me insight into a proper social media strategy. For example, the proper use of hashtags to promote my business and marketing myself to get new clientele. He also helped me with SEO knowledge like optimizing my site and Instagram, advising me to produce regular content and understand master keyword searching."

Kyle Romero - Owner of Kyle Romero Design - Senior Designer


James Snelling

"I’ve worked very closely with Corey Kleinsasser. He’s honest, well-spoken, dedicated, and full of ingenuity. He’s a person of many varied skill-sets with a sharp attention to detail. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking organic online marketing."

James Snelling -Independent iOS and Android Mobile Development

Kelvin Quijada

"Corey is very knowledgeable when it comes to social media and has expanded my mind on the social media game. Corey is an extremely hard worker and very easy to get along with. I would definitely want him on my team on any project I work on. P.S. We almost took him to China."

Kelvin Quijada - Beach Front Innovation - President


Michael Witt

“I had a chance to work with Corey Kleinsasser on a couple of different entrepreneurial, digital projects from November 2019 - February 2020. I can highly recommend him for his diligence and willingness to roll up his sleeves to attack any challenge. Corey is very easy to get along with and makes the work environment fun. I chose to leave the group because of a more enticing path, but he continues to show up and give his best effort and we continue our friendship regardless. Corey is one of those outstanding humans.”

Michael Witt Inventor - Venice, CA


Eric Walden

“Corey brought our digital strategy to the next level! He’s achieved better results than some of our paid advertisements and always knows how to maximize fan engagement for us and our clients. Having Corey on the team really helped us connect with fans and prospects.”

Eric Walden - Founder of Awfully Good Records

Michael Hernandez

"Corey was a pleasure to work with. He gave me the opportunities to explore more avenues with my photography and he displayed them nicely on his website. The collaboration was professional and fun."

Michael Hernandez - CPA in Los Angeles, California


Rony Higueros

"Modern Eye Marketing has been the most professional, pleasant and productive company I have ever had the pleasure of working with . They are attentive to what your business needs are and keep every aspect of your social media as you to date as possible. They grew my business Instagram from 98 followers to almost 2,000 followers. I highly recommend them to any business , big or small."

Rony Higueros - Author: The Flying Potato Book

Brooke Champine

“I have worked with Corey for several years now and am beyond impressed with his knowledge regarding online marketing and running social media. Over the years, he has provided me with exceptional tips and tricks to gain more clients, target clients via marketing, and to better my photography website and social media accounts. I highly recommend and endorse Corey in this field.”

Brooke Champine - Photographer


Samantha Kerrigan

“Corey has been an extraordinary person to work with. I am a photographer and am ecstatic that I partnered with him and his team for a number of projects. From the start, Corey has been extremely responsive and promptly answers all questions that I ask about branding and marketing my business. He is a great source of information and encourages others, like me, to look for new ways to be creative and effective with anything I am working on. I highly recommend working with him on!”

Samantha Kerrigan - Photographer


Scott Raymer

“I am a concert photographer and Corey Kleinsasser was one of the few people willing to work with me and help me push my talents, social media, branding, and marketing. His collaboration with me through his web page and social media sites has allowed my work to reach a much larger audience which has resulted in increased traffic on both my photography page, social media accounts, and brand as a whole.”

Scott Raymer - CPA in Los Angeles, California


Brian Zheng

“Working with Corey for the past year has definitely changed my mind and perspective on branding and social media. He has explained everything on how it all works and the importance of it all and working with him has opened me up to newer opportunities I would have never dealt with if I hadn’t started working with him. I will definitely continue to work with him on all future projects."

Brian Zheng - CEO of Azooca Inc. Walnut, California.


Chelsea Piker

“I didn’t know how to grow my social media at all. Corey is so knowledgable in that field and knows how to grow accounts without spending any money at all on ads. Even though he doesn’t spend on ads, he still finds people in my niche that will engage with me. I never would have even knew that engaging with my audience is so important to my current and future audience.”

Chelsea Piker - Owner of B.A.D. Art and Designs, Southern California