Marketing and Publicity for Your Business

Brand yourself organically

Brand yourself organically with outreach to your niche audience, and market to YOUR core demographics. Modern Eye Marketing will work with you to understand and develop your business identity and mission statement, as well as assist in finding your key market demographic. Our team of professionals is dedicated to promoting businesses of any size to reach their potential growth by way of detailing an achievable marketing strategy.

Brand and Business Consulting

Find your target audience

Is your business having difficulty assessing where your audience can be reached and targeted? Are you facing challenges in gaining new prospects, followers, and customers? Modern Eye Marketing is dedicated to bringing your vision to life with our modern eye mindset. You can feel confident in reaching out to our team and recieving a consultation so we can review and provide insight into finding the best approach to reaching your key demographic audience and devise a step by step plan to maximize your reachability.


Social Media Management and Content Creation

Establish your social media footprint

Establish your social media footprint with the creation or management of social media accounts. Modern Eye Marketing's team of professionals are skilled with managing various platforms including: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and more.
Does your business have social media, but you aren't gaining or retaining followers? Are you not sure how to set up or manage social media accounts? Do you presently not have a social media account(s)? We’re here to help create and establish them. Modern Eye Marketing professionals are excited to begin this venture with you. We will assist you with set up, overhaul, and gaining followers that will connect with your business identity. This is what we do, we are content creators, and you can rest assured that your business identity will gain proper online visibility.

Writing, Blog, and Email Services

We can help write blogs about your business

Does your business need copy written? From forms to blogs no writing task should be completed without care for your business' brand. Modern Eye Marketing has a team that specializes in managing written copy, and we will use our abilities to make your business stand out amongst your competitors. Not only will our team keep your mission in mind, but we will strengthen your digital voice to resonate with your business identity. Modern Eye Marketing offers services to write and manage blogs about your business weekly, forward your blogs to your email subscribers, and assess appropriate topical insights to institute your business online and facilitate audience growth.



Is your business lacking professional photos?

Does your business lack professional photography? Do you find yourself scouring the internet for stock photos only to find that your photography doesn't align with your company's professional identity? Modern Eye Marketing can help you with this. Our team can work with your brand to facilitate a better understanding of your vision, and generate professional imagery to highlight specific products or services to better fit your business branding.

Graphics and Digital Ads

We can help with that too

Are you a new business that doesn't yet have a branded identity? Are you a long standing business that needs a creative team to assist in crating a face lift for your existing identity? Modern Eye Marketing's team can give you access to our team of graphic designers that will detail a style sheet plan to create and maintain any of your graphic needs. In addition to graphics, Modern Eye Marketing can also provide your business with web advertizing that can assist with your business growth and solidify your online identity. Our team of creatives will assist you in creating content with your objectives at heart.